dry needling

The use of sterile, single use, fine needles inserted through the skin and into the muscles with the aim of releasing myofascial trigger points and hypertonic zones through out the body.  This treatment can assist in the reduction of pain and help improve with muscular function and range of motion.

Near Infrared Light (NIR)

NIR light therapy is used to help a wide range of issues including reduced blood circulation, muscle and joint stiffness and tension, pain, muscular spasms and Arthritis.

Photoreceptors, found in our cell mitochondria, absorb the light and create adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The ATP then stimulates different metabolic processes that can result in the repair and regeneration of cells and tissue components.

NIR is an add on component to your myotherapy consultation.

Exercise prescription/Coaching

Exercise prescription is the use of exercise to help prevent chronic health issues that impact on your quality of life. The aim of prescriptive exercise is to improve your baseline health and physical abilities to achieve optimal mobility and longevity doing the activities you love.  Sometimes we need an objective professional to steer us in the right way to get these results.

An exercise prescription/coaching session starts with a detailed health history and some range of motion movements to see where your abilities lie. It will then progress to specific exercises designed to build your strength and mobility where you need it and a plan for how you will go forward at home.


Cupping therapy involves the use of vacuum cups placed in the desired location to help promote increased blood flow, reduce pain and to aid in relaxation and stress reduction and has been in use for thousands of years.

trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy uses specific, targeted pressure to locate and relieve hypertonic areas within a tight muscle band, with the aim of restoring optimal mobility to the area of treatment.

remedial sports massage

Sports massage can be applied before, during and after events of high physical stress on the body. It can help to promote flexibility and prevention of injury. It will aid the recovery process.

deep tissue massage

Deep tissue therapy helps in the release of tension and stress throughout the whole body. It can relieve headaches and chronic pain all while increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery within the body.

pregnancy and postnatal massage

Prenatal massage is used as a theraputic modality to help reduce stress and focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be. It aids in the reduction of swelling and enhances the mobility and function of joints and soft tissue, all while improving circulation and blood flow, resulting in deeper relaxation. 

The use of a special pregnancy cushion allows for you to enjoy this time for yourself right up until your due date.  The cushion has very soft foam sections for extra comfort for breastfeeding mothers, postnatally.

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